Omooma is the first Online platform offering classes in Arabic dedicated for mothers and mothers to be, they cover a great array of topics relevant to parenting. Omooma has put together the largest team of experts available in the region, in all fields related to the journey of motherhood.

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Fasting during pregnancy

Fasting during pregnancy: your complete guide

Ramadan the month of fasting for Muslims is coming up soon, and every year pregnant women have many questions about…

7 fun ideas to celebrate Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is celebrated on different days around the world, so if we travel the world, we will celebrate mothers…

On International Women’s Day: What do women really want?

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colicky baby

How to calm your colicky baby

Colic in babies is a common condition that most newborn babies have. A colicky baby will have a new mom…
ready to become a mother

Personality quiz: Are you ready to become a mother?

Becoming a mother is a major milestone in every woman’s life. It is also the biggest transformation your body, mind,…
enough breast milk

How to tell if your baby is getting enough breast milk?

This is one of the main concerns breastfeeding mothers have. Since their tiny little ones can not yet express themselves…