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valentine’s day

5 ideas to celebrate valentine’s day with your husband

Valentine’s day is around the corner, and you must be looking for ideas to make this day special with your…
intercourse during pregnancy

Is intercourse during pregnancy safe?

Expecting mothers often wonder if it is safe to have intercourse during pregnancy and whether it might harm the baby.…
childhood obesity

7 tips to fight childhood obesity

Childhood Obesity is one of the health hazards affecting the safety and well-being of children of different ages. Although moms…
خصوبة الرجل

What is the effect of smoking on male fertility?

The harms smoking inflicts on our health are not a secret. And yet people are still smoking all types of…

Mom guilt what is it? and how to overcome it

Guilt is a natural human emotion not different from anger, sadness, or happiness. It is a strong feeling that is…

When is the best time to get an epidural?

The epidural is one of the preferred pain relief options for women during childbirth. And like anything related to childbirth…

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