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Your Newborn: What you need to know


Clear medical information that will accompany you during the first hours and weeks after your baby’s birth. You will find all that you need from medical knowledge to tips and information that will make this stage easy and enjoyable.

  • 12 videos from medical experts
  • 26 minutes of Expert Guidance
  • Presented by Pediatrician & Midwife
  • Arabic, English
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This course will accompany you from the first minutes through the first few weeks postpartum. You will get a lot of important information, and useful advice. Our midwife will tell you about the golden hour and its significance to breastfeeding, and bonding with your baby. And Our pediatrician will tell you about the Abgar score, and other tests to be done on the newborn. In addition to the recommended vaccines at this stage. You will learn everything you need about baby jaundice, its causes, its types, and the most recent treatments.

Find answers to the following
  • 1What is the golden hour? What are its benefits?
  • 2How will my baby look after birth?
  • 3What are the baby's first medical tests?
  • 4What is Infant jaundice and how to treat it?
  • 5What vaccines does the baby need?
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How will your baby look after birth?

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Dima Masoud

I didn’t know what to expect after the baby is born, how will the baby look like, or what will happen after delivery. But after watching this course, I now have a good idea about those first moments a...

Eman Kamal

My best friend was about to have a baby, I didn’t know what to get her. Until I found these helpful courses from Omooma. I bought them for her. She still thanks me all the time, even months after she ...

Reem Ramadan

Nothing is better than getting medical information from experts about a newborn baby. In this course, I found plenty of information that helped me in meeting my baby for the first time.

Dana Assi

I was always curious about starting breastfeeding right after delivery. In this course, I learned about the golden hour and how it eases breastfeeding and bonding with the baby.