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Prepare for pregnancy


Detailed medical and scientific information on the changes you will face in the remaining six months of your pregnancy. Learn about possible complications and the best nutritional tips for this stage, with this comprehensive course, the rest of your pregnancy journey will be easy and stress-free.

  • 17 videos from medical experts
  • 53 minutes of Expert Guidance
  • Presented by Psychologist, Clinical Dietitian, Dentist, Yoga Instructor & Financial Advisor
  • Arabic, English
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This course will offer you everything you need to be best prepared for pregnancy. Such as the ideal pre-pregnancy weight, and the best pre-pregnancy supplements. You will discover the impact of exercise on fertility. Our mental health expert will provide you with the best tips to minimize stress during this time. In addition to ideas on how to get support from your husband, family, and friends during this crucial phase. Our financial expert will offer you advice to perfectly organize your finances and choose the best medical insurance to cover maternity visits and delivery.

Find answers to the following
  • 1Does my weight affect my attempts to conceive?
  • 2Do sleep, smoking, and caffeine affect fertility? How?
  • 3What is the best Pre-pregnancy diet?
  • 4Do I need to fix my teeth before pregnancy?
  • 5Does stress affect fertility? And how can I overcome it?
  • 6What are the best Pre-pregnancy financial planning tips?
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Pre-pregnancy diet

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Hind Taha

We decided to have a baby, so I was quite anxious and a little scared. This course gave me peace of mind. I needed to know how to prepare my body and mind for pregnancy. I had so many questions and th...

Mona Hosni

I was asking my mother and older sisters what do I have to do before getting pregnant, they laughed at me! And told me I had to do nothing, and it will all happen naturally. But I felt I needed prepar...

Mahra Mohammad

I had no idea what to eat, what type of exercise is good for me, or how much having a baby cost. Asking around, everybody gave me a different answer. Until I found this course taught by experts, that ...

Sanaa Fekri

I don’t have enough time or money to meet with a doctor, a dietitian, a psychologist, and a financial advisor to ask them the question I have about this step. This course brought all those experts to ...