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Breastfeeding and bottle feeding


Essential tips on breastfeeding right after delivery, proper feeding positions, latching, breast milk pumping, and storing.

  • 29 videos from medical experts
  • 78 minutes of Expert Guidance
  • Presented by Lactation Consultant & Nutritionist
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Our breastfeeding specialist will guide you in your first steps in your breastfeeding journey. She will share essential information on breastfeeding right after delivery, the colostrum, and its importance. She will also tell you about the benefits of breastfeeding to you and your baby, the common breastfeeding issues, and how to overcome them. You will learn about proper feeding positions, latching, breast milk pumping, and storing. And advice on bottle-feeding, all the way to weaning. Our nutritionist will tell you about the best diet when breastfeeding and give you advice on baby nutrition.

Find answers to the following
  • 1How to Breastfeed in the first hour after birth?
  • 2What is the correct latch? Is my baby is getting enough milk?
  • 3What are the Breast pump types and how to use them?
  • 4How to store and heat breast milk?
  • 5What are the steps of gradual weaning?
  • 6What should a breastfeeding mom eat?
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Misconceptions about breastfeeding

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Natalie omar

With my first baby, breastfeeding was so hard that I almost gave up several times. So with my second child, I decided to attend this course to be better prepared and to have a better experience.

leena Mustafa

The first-week breastfeeding was easy and therapeutic. But later I felt I needed a professional opinion, as I was facing many problems. But with a newborn, it was impossible to go out and see a breast...

Salma Tareq

The first few days after birth, my mom, sisters, and friends were giving me different advice. I was too tired and couldn’t apply all this advice. I felt I needed clear solutions, and medical opinions ...

Zeinab Khalil

Nobody told me that breastfeeding is painful and hard. And every time I complained, those around me made me feel guilty. So I searched for help, to get advice, and to learn about the products that eas...