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Babycare: health, safety and hygiene


This comprehensive care guide is a new mom’s best friend. You will find medical information, guidance from experts, and tips on how to best care for your baby.

  • 22 videos from medical experts
  • 66 minutes of Expert Guidance
  • Presented by Pediatrician, Psychomotor, Psychologist, Midwife, Doula, & Music Education Expert
  • Arabic, English
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In this comprehensive course, you will have access to the expertise and advice from, a pediatrician, a doula, a midwife, and a psychomotor specialist. They will offer you information about the basics of baby care. You will learn the proper way to hold a newborn, how to soothe a crying baby, baby massage, and its importance. And our pediatrician will tell you about the common babies' conditions and how to treat them. And everything you need about reflux, spitting, and vomiting, and how to treat them. You will also learn about diaper changing, baby bathing, and other baby care steps.

Find answers to the following
  • 1What are the benefits and contradictions of Baby massage?
  • 2Why do babies cry? And how to calm them?
  • 3How can I care for the baby’s umbilical cord stump?
  • 4What is infant reflux and how to treat it?
  • 5How can I perform Infant CPR?
  • 6What is the effect of music on babies?
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Infant CPR

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Ratings & reviews
Lea Najjar

My first baby suffered from recurrent vomiting, I wish I had more information back then about this issue, and baby reflux. This is why I decided to watch this course while pregnant with my second chil...

Manal Zahrawi

No one told me before about baby massage. It is a great discovery. I learned its benefits and how to do it from this course. I applied it to my baby daughter, she would calm down and sleep within minu...

Layan Saleh

I once saw a baby choke on a piece of food while on a plane, luckily there was a doctor on board who acted fast and saved the baby’s life. Since then I decided that when I will become a mom, I will le...

Zeina Ibrahim

I was supposed to return to work after my maternity leave. I was confused about the best child care option for my baby. The advice I got from this course helped me a lot with my choice.