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Baby sleep


Expert information and guidance that will guarantee a good night sleep for you and your baby. Your baby’s sleep will be easier and less stressful after you watch this course.

  • 10 videos from medical experts
  • 28 minutes of Expert Guidance
  • Presented by Certified Sleep Consultant
  • Arabic, English
  • One month access

Baby’s sleep is one of the major challenges facing new moms. But after attending this thorough course, you will be able to easily help your baby sleep, to get the rest you both need. Our sleep consultant will tell you about the major sleep challenges and help you overcome them. She will also share with you the latest medical recommendations for safe sleeping practices. She will explain everything about co-sleeping and bed-sharing, different sleep patterns, and the importance of a bedtime routine.

Find answers to the following
  • 1What is the impact of sleep on the baby’s health?
  • 2What is sudden infant death syndrome? And how to prevent it?
  • 3Are Co-sleeping and bed sharing recommended?
  • 4What is a Bedtime routine? And how to establish a good one?
  • 5What are the common sleep disorders and how to overcome them?
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Sleep disorders and how to overcome them

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Ratings & reviews
Khadija mohammad

I didn’t know how much sleep my baby needed, when to wake him for feeds, and how to help him sleep properly. This course was an eye-opener, we, and the baby sleep better after watching it.

Noora Sameer

I cannot thank Omooma enough for this course... We have so much progress and our nights are so much better!

Shatha Ahmad

The course is well designed and there was so much advice I would have never guessed... nor my mother or my mother-in-law! I feel better for my baby who is now going through a much better sleeping rhyt...

Aisha Hassan

I learned that a baby's sleep is very important for his health, development, and future brain capacities!! Amazing info and advice for my baby!