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Baby development and growth stages


Thorough medical information on the baby’s growth and development. In addition to professional tips and suggestions, on how to stimulate the baby’s different motor and cognitive skills.

  • 12 videos from medical experts
  • 34 minutes of Expert Guidance
  • Presented by Pediatrician & Psychomotor Expert
  • Arabic, English
  • One month access

This detailed and comprehensive course is an essential tool for understanding the baby’s growth during the first year. Our psychomotor therapist will tell you all about the baby’s growth stages month by month, from the first week after birth until your baby’s first birthday. She will share ideas, games, and toys that will help enhance your baby’s different skills. In addition to information about the fine, and gross motor skills and how to stimulate their development. She will also help you strengthen the baby’s muscles properly.

Find answers to the following
  • 1What are the most significant developmental after birth?
  • 2What are the most significant developmental milestones in the first year?
  • 3What are the baby’s motor skills? And how to stimulate them?
  • 4What are the best tips and toys to develop a baby's skills?
  • 5How can I help build my baby's muscles?
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Tips and toys to develop baby's skills

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Ratings & reviews
Jamila Anwar

I was always wondering how can I be sure that my baby is going through the right development stages on time? What are the normal stages? I was so worried that my baby was late in his development, but ...

Farah adnan

My friend's baby seems more developed, he went through some stages earlier than mine... That course taught me why it does not matter and why I should not worry about this.

Majd ahmad

I never imagined that simple games and exercises help children develop quickly. This course taught me useful tips how to stimulate my baby’s development properly.

Maryam Khaled

I am a curious person, exactly how I wanted to know how my baby was growing in my womb, I wanted to know how he will grow and develop after birth. With this course I know the major development milesto...